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March 27 - April 15, 2023 |Tanguar Haor, Sunamganj, Bangladesh


Welcome to ECO Film Lab, where we believe in the power of film to change the world for the better. 15 days long ECO Film Lab is an Internationational Film residency for filming in nature.

About ECO Film Lab

Film residency is a very popular filming education initiative in Europe & America. This is basically outside-of-classroom non-formal “learning by doing” filming education. We are going to arrange an Eco-Friendly film residency program titled “ECO Film Lab” in the Tanguar HAOR Sunamganj, Bangladesh.

Through this residency program, we will explore local nature, culture, the inside story of a human being as well as climate change. In this 15-day intensive filming residency filmmakers will get international standard mentoring under global film professionals with hybrid learning pedagogy. In this tailor-made training, they will make group short films and create content on their own. Abroad filmmakers will get a unique experience with different natures and cultures.

At a Glance

Theme: Nature – Human – Climate

Duration: 15 Days

Participant: 15 Max (Local & Abroad)

Mentor: 10 Plus

Production: 05 Max


To promote cultural exchange and diversity. Explore the creative voice of filmmakers from all over the world and spread awareness of climate change.

JPA module – Mentors & individuals or groups will have an interactive session every day to explore visual storytelling based on location.

LD module – Understanding Film Language as well as Film Literacy from Idea to Screen.

MM module – Ability to write something with film literacy (Logline, Synopsis, Treatment & Script) with the intention of using the material to make a film.

CC module – By facing challenges navigate yourself for critical thinking to make your film more unique.

IC module – Must engage yourself in your group for instructional conversation to explore the maximum output.

27 March 2023
8 – 10 PM (BD time)

Heinz Hermanns, Germany

Dramaturgy and Aesthetics in Short Film

28 March 2023
9 – 11 PM (BD time)

Samuel Rubin, USA

Catalyzing Social Impact through

Climate Storytelling

29 March 2023
9 – 10 PM (BD time)

Birgit Heidsieka, Germany

Green Filming

30 March 2023

7 – 8 PM (BD time)

 Asim Altokhais, Saudi Arab

Story Structure

30 March 2023

10 – 11 PM (BD time)

Erica Elson + Harry Winer, USA

Sustainable Production: Idea to Script

30 March 2023

11:15 PM – 12 AM (BD time)

Julia + Zsofia

Case study on Sustainable production

31 March 2023
11:00 AM (BD time)

Herman van Eyken, Australia

One 2 One about Story

31 March 2023
3:30 – 4:30 PM (BD time)

Xavière Farrer Hutchison, France

Sustainable Production

31 March 2023
10:00 PM (BD time)

Gabrielle Kelly, Ireland

How to write the Short Fiction Narrative

01 April 2023
10 – 11 AM (BD time)

Joe Petricca, USA

Short Film Script format

05 April 2023
9 – 10 PM (BD time)

Laurence Johnson Film London, UK

Sustainable Production

06 April 2023
11:15 AM (BD time)

James Currie, Australia

Sound Design

Before starting the journey toward residency location participants will do 5 (five) online sessions with mentors. Before starting we will make 5 groups with 3 members in each group..

Day 1
Location observation and story outline.
Day 2 & 3:
Scripting & finalize the 5 group members.
Day 4:
Pitching & Pre-production for shooting.
Day 5 – 9:
Shooting for 5 groups
Day 10:
Certificate giving & closing ceremony
  • Every fellow will create his or her own content for short based on NATURE – HUMAN – CLIMATE
  • The mentor will select 5 (Five) contents out of 15 (Fifteen) based on the voting process.
  • Every fellow should prepare his or her Logline, Synopsis, Treatment & Script for the PITCH.
  • All content should be in the English language.


  • Everybody will write their Script on WriterDuet software.
  • In the pre-production stage, every group should present their Pitch Deck to the mentor/s.
  • Each group will make 1 (one) fiction short film based on location with available resources.
  • Each short film duration will be around 10-14 min.


  • Film dialogue (if) must be in the Bangla language. But the script & screen will be in the English language.
  • Group members (3) will make this film with the support of technical hands.
  • And everybody will get DIRECTOR credit in the title. But the script will be his or her own name.
  • Every group will get a maximum of 1 (one) day for total shooting.
  • Every group should present their own project teaser during the closing.

Applicant Requirement


  • Applicant should have at least 2 (two) short films in his/her own direction.
  • Age limit 25 – 45 only allowed Good in English in reading, writing & speaking.
  • Everybody or every group should have their own laptop & DSLR.
  • In the application, everybody should write artistic notes on his or her film journey (1 page).
  • Applicant expectations from this residency (100 words)


  • The residency fee should be paid before the orientation class.

In residency –

1. No plastic allows during residency.

2. Limited access to digital devisees

3. Ecofriendly approach all-time

4. During the residency, we will provide organic food to all

5. Every time before swimming must wear a lifejacket

6. Limited access to Mobile phone

7. Obviously, everybody is on time in bad & raises

8. No DRUG no ALCOHOL & no smoking in the camp area

9. Everybody will stay in his or her selected room

10. Everybody will maintain his or her everyday stuff

We will try to maintain GENDER EQUALITY in the selection process of participant engagement. In the mentorship selection process, we try to engage more female mentors.

JOLPODDO is the dedicated special House Boat located in Tangua Haor. This is basically a design for tourism. A good number of tourists can live in this boat with modern facilities.

During the Film Residency program all participants, mentors, executives & officials will stay in this House Boat.

This House Boat will move here and there in the area of Tangua Haor. Most of the class, discussion, movie screening, and brainstorming will happen in this House Boat.

Tanguar Haor has outstanding conservation value, being a natural freshwater wetland in the country, seasonally harboring up to 60,000 migratory waterfowl along with many resident birds, more than 140 fish species, and the last vestiges of swamp forest. But the floral and faunal diversity of Tanguar Haor is under extensive threat because of the unsustainable use of resources. In 1999, the Government of Bangladesh declared the Tanguar Haor Basin an “Ecologically Critical Area” to highlight its ecological importance and monitor its environmental quality. In 2000, the HAOR was declared the country’s second RAMSAR site – a wetland of international importance. The Haor is characterized by some of Bangladesh’s last remnants of swamp forest, dominated by Barringtonia acutangula (hijal) and Pongamia pinnata (koroch).

In-Person Mentors

Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, India
Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, India

Screenwriter, producer & Filmmaker.

He is the Rotterdam Film Festival’s Tiger Award winner

Want to Speak at this Meetup or at a Future Meetup?
Mohammed Al Kindi, Oman
Mohammed Al Kindi, Oman

Director and Producer, Oman

Online Mentors

Joe Petricca, USA
Joe Petricca, USA

Filmmaker and educator.

Former Executive Vice Dean of the American Film Institute – AFI

Herman van Eyken, Australia
Herman van Eyken, Australia

Director, Griffith Film School and Chair of CILECT Asian Chapter

Heinz Hermanns, Germany
Heinz Hermanns, Germany

Short Film expert & founder Director Berlin International Short Film Festival

Valerio Caruso, Belgium
Valerio Caruso, Belgium


Christoph Thoke, Germany
Christoph Thoke, Germany

Award-winning Film Producer

Gabrielle Kelly, Ireland
Gabrielle Kelly, Ireland

Script Consultant & Script Lab expert. Faculty, American Film Institute

James Currie, Australian
James Currie, Australian

Award-winning Sound Designer Adjunct Professor, Griffith Film School

Jerome Enrico, France
Jerome Enrico, France

Scriptwriter, Producer & Director Director,

Director, Graduate School of Cinematographic Studies (ESEC), Paris

Asim Altokhais, Saudi Arabia
Asim Altokhais, Saudi Arabia

Award-winning screenwriter and novelist. Co-Founder and General Manager of 3rd action.

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Green Mentors

Jennifer M. Lynch, USA
Jennifer M. Lynch, USA

Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility & Internal Communications PARAMOUNT PICTURES, Hollywood

Birgit Heidsiek, Germany
Birgit Heidsiek, Germany

Founder & CEO, Green Film Shooting Magazine Green Cinema Consultant of the German Federal Film Board (FFA)

Erica Elson, USA
Erica Elson, USA

Digital Course Producer Sundance Collab Chair, Green Film School Alliance

Harry Winer, USA
Harry Winer, USA

Associate Arts Professor Director of Sustainable Production Kanbar Institute of Film and Television NYU/Tisch School of the Arts

Laurence Johnson, UK
Laurence Johnson, UK

Sustainability Manager Film London

Xaviere Farrer Hutchison, France
Xaviere Farrer Hutchison, France

Environment and Climate Policy Manager, France Télévisions

Zsófia Szemerédy
Zsófia Szemerédy

Former Consultant, albert BAFTA, UK

Julia Tordai
Julia Tordai

Biologist, Science Communicator and Filmmaker, Hungary

Samuel Rubin, USA
Samuel Rubin, USA

Co-founded YEA! Impact Convening Team of the UNFCCC

Become a sponsor

> Eco-friendly environment to learn Hand-on filmmaking

> Cultural diversity and cross-culture experience with mix-group from locally & abroad

> International mentorship from global film professionals from all over the world.

> The idea to Screen experience under mentorships

> Free license for the Screenwriting software WriterDuet to write their Lab script.

> Create their own film portfolio with this short production

> Global film networking & collaboration.

> During Lab 24/15 with incredibly helpful information and insights for your career.

> Access to amplify their skills in crafting cinema artistically with a sustainable approach

Feature Development: The selected first winning group will get the opportunity to develop their feature film under the Sundance Collab ( supervision .

Fellowship: The second winning group will get a free fellowship for IAFM Script Lab.

Internship: The third winning group will get the opportunity to intern in the selected IAFM projects.

Festival: Selected group will get access to submit films to the Oscar-qualified Interfilm Berlin International Short Film.

Selected Group shorts will get total Post-production support from the American Film Institute AFI.

Certificate: Every participant will get the Certificate.

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ECO Film Lab: An International Film Residency program initiated by the International Academy of Film and Media (IAFM) to amplify Cinematic storytelling.

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